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Oakleaf Jr. High Band

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  Instrument Brands I Require
These are the instruments that will be available through any of the music stores listed on this website. These instruments should last through high school and beyond. BE VERY CAREFUL AND DO NOT PURCHASE BAND INSTRUMENTS AT CERTAIN STORES THAT ARE NOT MUSIC STORES---THOSE INSTRUMENTS ARE CLOSER TO BEING A TOY AND NOT A LEGIT BAND INSTRUMENT.
Please make sure you order the brands/supplies/items that I have listed.
There are other brands that are ok to have.  Please contact the Band Director about another brand that is NOT listed below. 
If your family owns an instrument, please let me look at it to see if it needs any repairs, and to make sure it will blend with the other instruments. Thank you. 
Required Instruments & Supplies- Beginning Band:
Required Instruments & Supplies- Advanced Bands:
Intermediate, Concert, and Jazz Bands: 

*NOTE: To be selected for the Percussion spots- a student must have had piano lessons for a few years or have taken percussion lessons from a Pro. Student will also need to take private lessons- check website for list.