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Oakleaf Jr. High Band

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 Private Teachers
Private Teachers are professional musicians who provide their musical skills and intellect to help young musicians progress on their instrument. I highly recommend that every band student at Oakleaf take private lessons. Private lessons are for those students who want to be the best and excel on their instrument. Here is a list of people/places where private lessons are offered.

NOTE: Please talk to Mr Summers before contacting North Florida Music Academy on Blanding Blvd.

(HIGHLY RECOMMEND)  ***trumpet- Brian Osborne- 535-4122 (Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra)

***trumpet/french horn- Don Reynolds- 374-8639 (Northeast Florida Conservatory)
(HIGHLY RECOMMEND) ***clarinet/saxophone- Michelle Kemp (lives in the Oakleaf area)- 786-375-0991

***oboe- Mary Stork, teacher at Oakleaf High School, 699-8863

***french horn- Emily Skeets- 465-0340

***flute- Cathleene James- 894-6337 (Oakleaf/Argyle area)
***Call Nice Music for guitar and drumset/percussion lessons- 264-6119
***Bill Carlson- guitar instructor at Nice Music- 264-1776
***piano- Donna Jones 284-7786
***flute- Carrie Trinidad 778-4001
(HIGHLY RECOMMEND) ***percussion/drumset- Darren Ronan (Nice Music Store) 514-2222
***percussion/drumset- John Garren (Nice Music Store) 465-1342
***Orange Park School of Music- 541-0885
***flute- Renee Renaud 276-1762
***trombone/baritone- Adam Soldo (former student of mine) 625-4198
***Jazz Piano- Boril Ivanov 264-6093