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Oakleaf Jr. High Band

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What is Band?




Band is one of many Electives. By "electing" to sign up for BAND, the student & parent commit to being at all rehearsals, performances, and/or scheduled events. There are State Standards that each band student is responsible for in the Band Class. All performances are a part of these standards / band curriculum and their attendance is needed.The Yellow Jacket Band Program participates in many events during the school day and several events throughout the year which take place during after school hours. Please be aware of this commitment when you sign up for Band.

 To be eligible for high school band, the student must complete the junior high band program, which include 2-3 years of experience. Due to the progressive "building block" curriculum, a student must be signed up for beginning band at the start of the school year. It is nearly impossible for a student, who has never played a band instrument in junior high, to be chosen for high school band. They simply do not have the experience needed for that level of performance. Every year is a building block upon the previous year. Your student must take advantage of this opportunity now! They cannot wait! 


*A concert band is a performing ensemble consisting of several members of the woodwind instrument family, brass instrument family and percussion instrument family. Though the instrumentation is similar, it is different from the marching band in that its primary function is as a concert ensemble. The repertoire for a concert band may, however, contain marches.


*In order to be in high school band, a student must successfully complete the junior high/middle school band program. Typically, the 6th or 7th grader will start in beginning band, then be selected for the advanced concert band, and then be recommended for the high school band.


*A jazz ensemble is a large musical ensemble that plays jazz music. The term is synonymous with the bands of the Swing Era, which were popular through the 1930sand 1940s, but is generally applied to any large jazz ensemble. The term jazz orchestra is also used. Music for big band is highly 'arranged', leaving only specified gaps for jazz soloists, in contrast to the improvisational nature of most jazz combos.


*The Jazz Ensemble is divided up into a number of sections, by instrument. While composers and arrangers have written for many combinations of instrument, conventional bands since the 1930s have had a rhythm section (composed of drums, bass, piano, and possibly guitar), a trumpet section, a trombone section, and a saxophone section. Here at Oakleaf, the jazz ensemble is an advanced group. So, the jazz ensemble is made up of students from the concert band class. Yes, these students will have 2 band classes!